Beauty in Behavior with Diane Sorensen

Find the beauty in your child's behavior and restore happiness at home. 

Course Offerings

If you're looking to gain a deeper understanding of your child's behavior, build confidence through support and accountability, and learn new skills that will build healthier, happier relationships in all areas of your life, then Diane's Beauty in Behavior program is for you. 

The Beauty in Behavior program is 6 months long and there are two course models to choose from - the 1:1 program and the group program. 

1:1 Program

The 1:1 program includes:

  • 6 modules, released month-by-month
  • 2, 1:1 calls with Diane per month
  • Direct access to Diane via Voxer
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other like-minded parents for additional support
  • Options to pay in full or monthly

Group Program

The group program includes:

  • 6 modules, released month-by-month
  • 1 group call with Diane per month
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other like-minded parents for additional support 
  • Options to pay in full or monthly

Ready to Get Started?

If you're wondering which program is right for you, have further questions, and want to learn about pricing, book a free call with Diane. 


Meet Diane 

Diane has dedicated her life to the development of young children. As an early childhood teacher for Head Start for 20 years, Diane saw first hand how critical the early years are to the development of children. When Diane started implementing relationship-based practices in her classroom in 2008, others took notice. They could see, hear and most importantly feel a difference in the culture of the classroom. Diane realized that children would benefit if parents implemented the same principles at home, and she was inspired to begin coaching. Diane shares much of her great knowledge on her blog and you can also check out her podcast covering new parenting topics each week!


Amber Frauenholtz | Austin, Texas

“Diane Sorensen has been so great to work with! My husband and I have been on journey to figure out how to best support our strong willed and extremely hyper active 4 year old boy. We've really been struggling for the past year and finally found some optimism and support through working with Diane. After our first consultation my husband and I both felt a sense of peace and assurance that we're dong the best we can for our family. We're already starting to see changes in ourselves, like staying calm when our son is having an explosive tantrum and our ability to empathize when things get tough. I'm really excited to see where we'll be a year from now, I just wish we had stumbled upon Diane and Conscious Parenting sooner!”

Sarah Garcia | San diego, California 

“My kids' had an alphabet soup of diagnosis, ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, ODD, etc. I was feeling lost as a parent. I built a library of parenting books and tried so many different methods, but nothing that I tried was making a difference. I was very discouraged. Thankfully, I was introduced to Diane through a friend. I worked with Diane for a couple of months and through the process, I never felt like she was being judgmental or critical of me. She was very patient and gracious with me as I learned. She gave me practical strategies that I could use myself. As a working parent, I appreciated that the strategies didn't require a tremendous amount of time each day, just consistency. As my husband saw the changes, he started to use some of the strategies too. I am so deeply grateful for Diane's work. By following through with Diane's suggestions, I now have a much closer relationship with my girls and our home is a more peaceful and loving place.

Linda Nilsen | Norway

“I am 36 years old and I am mother of two girls, aged 5 and 8. I am from Norway, and I am an occupational therapist, specializing in mental health. Considering my background and experience from working with families in the mental health area for 12 years, I have a lot of knowledge. However, theory and practice are two different things! Working with Diane has taught me so much, on so many levels. She created such a safe and supported space, where I could be vulnerable and try out new things. Because it takes guts to really FEEL and FACE your fears when it comes to parenting. And with Diane by my side, I have managed to do this, baby step by baby step. She has supported me all the way, and I am forever grateful for her dedication, knowledge and love.”

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